Is the president changing? (English)


The US election results, which the whole world was eagerly awaiting, caused chaos. The states that President Trump and his Democratic rival Biden won one by one became clear, while the race in key states took their breath away. Biden lost its most critical state, Florida, the associated Press (AP) news agency announced that the result was squeezed into three states. Speaking in front of the cameras at the White House, President Trump said, "No, he won the election," he said, saying it was artfully impossible for Biden to catch him. Trump's victory speech disturbed many good enough Republican Party members, many people described the statements as 'great irresponsibility'. AP, BBC. CNN and other major media outlets are reporting that it is early to declare victory in the current picture where the election is locked.


While the results of the US elections, which are watched second by second in every corner of the world, the international and local televisions convey all the developments to the millions gathered in front of the screen with live broadcasts.


In the US east coast, ballot boxes were closed and the vote count started. The states where Republican Party candidate President Donald and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won became clear.


According to the unofficial results announced by the American news agency related Press (AP), Donald Trump, who watched the election results in the White House, won the list as follows:


Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, South Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming


The places where Biden triumphed are as follows: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington.


In front of the cameras at the White House, President Donald Trump signaled victory and said that they are preparing for a huge celebration: "We are preparing to have a great celebration. The results are great and we are ready to go out and celebrate. This is a record, such a success before. not won ...


We haven't won the states that didn't expect we would win. Won Florida, Ohio, and Texas. It is certain that we also won Giorgia. They can never catch us. It won North Carolina for sure, and we win Pennsylvania by a big margin. We win Pennsylvania by a huge margin. They are not even close to us, impossible to catch. We're winning Michigan too, I looked at the numbers, we're ahead. We're winning Wisconsin too. Moreover, we don't even need it. To put it openly, we won this election. "


While the BBC and other media outlets claim that Trump has won the election, they are reporting that it is still too early to say this when there are hundreds of millions of uncounted votes. Trump also said that they wanted the counting of the votes cast to be stopped and that they will carry the elections to the Supreme Court.


President Trump's victory speech from the White House disturbed many Republican Party members. Senior party officials and conservative commentators express concern over Trump's baseless allegations. Speaking to ABC news, Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey and Trump's adviser, said Trump's speech was a strategically and politically wrong decision.


Pennsylvania Senator Rick Sentorum, who spoke to CNN, stated that he was "very uncomfortable" with Trump's comments and said that he found his statement about the irregularities in the elections "false". Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro also described Trump's speech as 'great irresponsibility'.


Speaking in his hometown of Delaware before Trump, Democratic candidate Joe Biden said, "I am optimistic about the election result. The count will continue until the last vote is counted. Only the US people can tell who won, I am optimistic about the result.


The BBC's famous North American correspondent Anthony Zurcher reports that President Trump dropped my advert, which he had implied for weeks, on Wednesday morning, and that the read-doomsday scenarios in the US have become reality.


Zurcher stated that Trump's vice president Mike Pence tried to soften him for declaring victory and saying that he will apply to the Supreme Court to stop the vote count, but emphasizes that the elections have already taken damage. According to the BBC reporter, whether Trump won or lost, these elections were overshadowed.


The results of the election depended on more than 10 states that were called undecided before going to the ballot box. These states play a critical role in winning the 270 elective delegates game required to win the White House.


The states in question are Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada and Iowa.


However, due to the high number of votes cast by mail in some of these states and different rules regarding the counting process, results may not be available tonight.


In Florida, the most critical state of the election, President Trump once again reached victory. According to CNN, Trump got 51 percent of the vote, while Biden got his forty lover.


Florida was the key state in the election race. Although this is a place where Donald Trump visited and stayed a lot, Trump was only able to win a good share in 2016.


Florida had 29 delegates and no particular party had a stronghold, making it one of the most critical states. Another feature of this place is that the candidate who won this state since 1964 also won the Presidential election.


Biden lost states such as Ohio, Texas, Georgia as well as Florida. The AP news agency announced that the name to go to the White House will already be determined by the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


BBC North America correspondent Anthony Zurcher analyzed the defeat in Florida: "Florida has once again disappointed the Democrats. Donald Trump, despite the tremendous efforts in the state, including hundreds of millions of dollars by businessman Mike Bloomberg, has become the homeland it has adopted. "He won the state once again. He has achieved this once again by traditionally scoring good numbers in the Republican areas and eating the support of Joe Biden among Hispanic and African-American voters in Democratic strongholds in southern Florida."


"With the win, Trump removed the first major obstacle between him and his re-election, and at least in this case showed that the polls that gave Biden an advantage were not entirely reliable," Zurcher comments.


The famous reporter's analysis continues as follows: "As predicted, while early votes turn the pointer to Biden, Trump has the upper hand in going to the ballot box and the votes cast.


Trump looks ahead in Virginia right now, but Republicans always start first, until the Democrats catch up. Looks can be deceiving. "


The all-time turnout record is expected to be read in the USA, where the number of early votes reached 100 million. Experts estimate that the total votes will exceed one hundred sixty million.


If this expectation is true, the election turnout rate will be sixty percent. This is the highest level since the elections in 1908, when turnout was 65 percent.


In at least six states, including Texas, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Montana, the number of early votes exceeded the total votes cast in 2016.


In critical states such as Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, the sum of early votes is close to those in 2016.


While the election results were awaited, Trump and Biden supporters came face to face in the US city, and it was seen that heavily armed police were deployed in North Carolina.


A black female demonstrator who came in front of the Trump Tower in the big apple city wore President Trump's mask.


Dancing in front of the crowd gathered around, the woman then took off her mask. It was seen that the woman was trampling on the US flag while dancing.


With the closing of the ballot boxes in the historical election in the USA, millions of people not only living in the country but all over the world gathered on television.


In the USA, which ranked first in the coronavirus epidemic data with 9 million 384 thousand cases and 232 thousand casualties, many organizations were held despite Covid-19.


Those who watched the election results on the giant screen set up in Miami, Florida, the most critical state, also followed the show of the dancers.


A similar organization was at the Broadside Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana, with dancers in front of the giant screen.


International news agencies are passing photographs of Americans who gather at restaurants and bars and follow the election results.


Agencies serve similar photos not only from the USA but also from Australia to China, India to South Korea and Japan.


The elections are watched with great interest in India, the hometown of the mother of the Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.


Those gathering in front of the US Embassy in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, carried flags supporting President Donald Trump.


So how does the world media see the elections? While a TV presenter in Russia made the definition of "frenzy in the US elections", a newspaper in India titled "Depression United States" for the atmosphere in the elections.


Inter TV channel in Ukraine: "There is an exciting and tense atmosphere. Biden and Trump go head to head and each is preparing for their own victory speech."


Media outlets in Latin America report that the election race in the USA is getting closer to the result, and it is giving quotes to the audience. Daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo from Brazil: "Trump's victory in Florida eliminated the possibility of the Democrats overwhelming"


Press TV, which broadcasts internationally in Iran, expresses the "danger of civil war"; A news presenter states that when viewed from the outside, the elections "seem Çadequate scary".


Chinese state media and other news platforms in Asia point to a possible "turmoil" in the US, pointing out the possibility that the final results may not be clear for a while.


Pakistan specific Tribune: "Worried Americans vote on election day with their faces masked, shops covered with protective boards"


Bild from Germany: "Observers who previously predicted that Joe Biden would win an internet victory are increasingly asking the question: can Trump still win?"


"This is the biggest battle, and Americans have understood it," says an okay columnist in Le Monde from France. L from Italy. a. Stampa newspaper: "The USA is holding its breath, it is not certain that it has been won in the election"


In the Arab media, attention is drawn to the uncertainty associated with the election result. Saudi Arabian-backed Al Arabiya television stated that it may take a few days for the final results to become apparent.


In a cartoon in the megastar newspaper in Kenya, the mascots of the Democratic and Republican parties are depicted with a match in their hands trying to fire a dynamite that reads 'the threat of post-election violence in the USA'.

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